I know recently it’s not exactly been #dailyphd but hear me out. I’ve been away, working and on holiday. Before that I was in my final few weeks of lab work. My plan was always to get lab work finished before I went away for this trip, but I also had to prep for the […]

The science gods are smiling on me

After a bit of a shitty week last week (where I worked a lot but everything pretty much failed) today was a welcome change 🙂 . Over the weekend I managed to please the transformation gods by sacrificing some of my Saturday to them and ended up with 6 new mutants 😀 😀 😀 . […]

#dailyphd in the USA

I meant to write this post while I was actually in America but I was a little to busy fitting in as much as I could, sight seeing and sciencing. The conference was good, the actual trip was great (apart from a small 7hr delay in NYC after our connecting flight to DC got delayed, and delayed, […]

Sitting at my computer… #dailyphd

I haven’t posted much recently as I think reading “I sat at my computer all day, I was fairly productive” over and over again is probably quite boring! Instead I’ve give you a quick summary … Monday  Monday was put aside for presentation writing. On Tuesday I had a seminar to give (the boss kindly […]

A new student in the lab -Monday 11th July

Wimbledon is officially wrapped up for another yet so hopefully I’ll now be a bit less neglectful of the blog (at least until the Olympics arrive in August 😛 ). I definitely should’ve written more last week as I had a really solid week, working sensible hours and also getting good results. A few things fell into place […]

working 9-5 – Tuesday 5th July

Well July happened… I know I kind of went missing last week. I worked some long hours and I watched some serious amounts of tennis 🙂 . The long hours meant I had all my work done and could take Friday afternoon off (we went away for the weekend). Yesterday and today I pulled the […]