How does daily life of a post-doc sound?


It’s been a while, this pesky thing called a thesis got in the way. That thesis though has now been submitted. I want to tell you it was monumental, but in reality it was anything but. I actually think sending it to the printers was more emotional, as that’s the moment I had to say “I’m not changing anything else”. I stayed up late the night before I sent it for printing, proof-reading and doing final edits, working out which pages need to be printed in colour, and then re-doing that as it changed when I’d turned the document into a pdf. I finally hit send on Friday 24th just before heading off to demonstrate at 10am. I had this continual rising panic that it was far from good enough. Every time that feeling rose too high in my chest I squashed it back down. I’m assuming this feeling it a normal reaction to handing over a piece of work 3.5years in the making.


While I failed at blogging while writing (it’s inevitably a very introverted experience) I didn’t completely forget about my mission. I’ve collected ideas along the way, topics I realized would make good blog posts, and stored them up in my phone. Over the next few weeks I hope to turn a few of them into things for you to read.

Finally, as the title of this post tells you I’m now officially a post-doc. I’m staying with my boss but changing my research focus to a different bacteria. This is going to give me the chance to finish some work, which I can then hopefully publish, as well as letting me add to my skill set. So I’m now back in the lab, and it feels like I never left 🙂 .


Whether I continue to blog about daily life is a little undecided, but I think the idea of a balanced academic lifestyle is definitely one that still needs highlighting. Whatever I decide the blog won’t be going anywhere just yet so check back soon to see how I’m settling into post-doc life (and preparing for the viva!).

5 thoughts on “How does daily life of a post-doc sound?

  1. Congratulations! I know what you mean about it not being monumental when you submitted the Thesis. When I submitted my MA dissertation it felt rather a let down, anti-climatic. All that effort – the least they could do is explode ribbons, rainbows and fireworks when you hand it in! But no, just a thank you and a popping it into the relevant tray and an enquiring “yes?” when you kind of linger! Argh! I expect submitting my PhD thesis to feel worse in a way – the MA dissertation was just a few months work, after all! With regard to the future of the blog, I would very much like you to keep posting, perhaps not on a daily basis but certainly keep giving your opinion of postdoc life, the preparation for the viva, that sort of thing. I think this is the point where the experience of a STEM postdoc radically diverges from that of an arts and humanities postdoc, but will be interested to see – please do keep writing!

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