I know recently it’s not exactly been #dailyphd but hear me out. I’ve been away, working and on holiday. Before that I was in my final few weeks of lab work. My plan was always to get lab work finished before I went away for this trip, but I also had to prep for the trip. GENIEΒ is the outreach arm of the Genetics department and we were invited to deliver a one day session, as part of a week long summer school event, at my old secondary school. This day included two different practicals which I had to prep for so it took up quite a lot of my, already very limited, time. Anyway the day went really well, we delivered a programme we’d never done before to a group of 30 A-Level students and we managed not to run out of anything (which is the biggest challenge when you take practicals out to students rather than them coming to you). To sum it up, I had some seriously busy weeks, but at the end I had a few days holiday to relax. I did manage to get my main experiments done before I went though πŸ™‚ .

I arrived back home last Thursday and on Friday I went to our usual weekly group meeting. I presented my most recent results and of course ended up with more to do … What this means is I’m currently splitting my time between lab and writing at home. Yesterday I went to the lab in the morning but left at lunchtime when I’d finished what I needed to do (which ended up being more than I’d planned once the boss found me …, notice a pattern?). I came home in the afternoon and did a few hours writing. That’s right, the first thesis words were written. I banked ~1000 words yesterday, which I was pretty pleased with.

Today there was no need to go to the lab. Instead I settled down at my desk in the spare room and I wrote another 1000 words. All these words are part of my methods chapter so it feels a little like cheating. It’s the easy place to start, but they’re still words that need to go down on paper, so I’m still happy that I’ve started. Soon I’ll need to get on with one of my results chapters as this needs to be submitted as my third year report at the end of the month.

With the shift to thesis writing I think some changes might need to happen with DailyPhD. I doubt you want to read a (hopefully) updated word count every day and not a lot else? The timing of my posts is mostly likely going to change, as well as the frequency, but I’d love to know your thoughts.Β I’m enjoying the process of being at home for now, do you want hear about that? Do you want a daily update of how I feel about writing and my own productivity? Or would you rather a weekly update and general mood analysis? Thoughts, opinions and ideas are all welcome, feel free to leave them in the comments (or tweet them to me).

Thanks for bearing with me during the break, until next time, thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “#AmWriting

  1. 1000 quality words a day is a great progress! Updating, even if not regularly, might be motivating to others who are at the same stage. Good luck with further writing! πŸ™‚

    Ana, PhD Life

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  2. I think what would be of interest is how you feel about your writing. Having just completed my MA (which took several weeks to actually write), I know that my feelings at the end of every day fluctuated quite a lot, from a feeling of elation to feeling very despondent at ever getting done and very very tired. i think, if you can bear it, that an exploration of that would be more interesting – and more productive, not only for you but for other people. For you, it can help to identify good working practices, to help end the writing day on a high, to set up in a good way for the next writing day – and then others can learn from that. I think people like the thesis writer have recorded similar things, but not as they’re actually writing, figuring things out as they go.

    Having said that, I know when I was doing the MA that writing a blog was the last thing I felt like doing at the end of a day’s writing, so I quite understand if you’d rather not!

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  3. All the best for the writing phase! The frequency probably depends on how it suits you best and what feels right πŸ™‚
    I’d be interested in how you structure your writing time at home, if you follow any strategies like pomodoro or whatever… and as I’m from the arts/humanities where we start writing at the very beginning (and then have to continually rewrite … -_-) I’d also be quite interested how you feel about the whole shift! Does the writing give you a different perspective on the research? Does it sometimes make you feel that you should have done the experiment differently? Or is it all quite straightforward?

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    • Thanks viola πŸ™‚ that’s definitely the route I was thinking about taking – how I feel about being out of the lab, how shifting to working at home feels. I’ve previously been a big pomodoro fan so I’ll let you know if I stick with that πŸ™‚

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