The science gods are smiling on me

After a bit of a shitty week last week (where I worked a lot but everything pretty much failed) today was a welcome change 🙂 . Over the weekend I managed to please the transformation gods by sacrificing some of my Saturday to them and ended up with 6 new mutants 😀 😀 😀 . Today I had to confirm they were real ….

Each of these plates has at least one successful transformant 🙂 

After a week of early starts last week (mostly 8am) I took it a little easier this morning. There was the Andy Murray gold medal match in the Olympics last night and I had to watch some of it (although I didn’t make it all the way to the 4th set). I slept a little later than normal this morning and arrived at the lab at 9am. 

Quite a lot arrived in my inbox over the weekend so I spent a lazy first hour dealing with admin. I was also putting off checking the mutants if I’m honest – nothing is definite until you confirm it, and the idea of losing any of the mutants would’ve been a little crushing with 2 weeks to go in the lab. I need these mutants.

Once I finished faffing around and got into the lab at about 10am I had a quick word with myself and got on with it. Time to crack on. I set up PCR’s to confirm the mutants, as well as several others that needed to be done. All with slightly different conditions and set-up’s. When you set up things that are similar you really need to pay attention – it’s so easy to make small mistakes, and I officially don’t have time for small mistakes. The PCR’s are fairly long so I got on with some planning for a teaching/outreach event at the end of the month. I have a lot of equipment and reagent lists to sort out before next week.

After a quick lunch break at 12:30pm I was back to the lab for the afternoon to run the PCRs out on gels and I’m very, very, very, happy to report that my mutants are real. I can’t even tell you how relieved I was when I saw the gel picture. I will obviously sequence these mutants as well but for now I’m confident, based on PCR, I can get on with my final few experiments. I may have done a little happy dance. I might have done it twice. 🙂

While my gels were running I managed to do a little sequence analysis on the computer. Happy to report they were all successful as well. I worked away on the computer until around 5:30pm when I went and set up a long PCR to run overnight.

I left the lab at 6pm on an absolute high. I don’t quite know how I’ve pleased the science gods but I hope I can keep them happy! If I can keep this up for the next two weeks I might actually get all my experiments done 🙂 .

Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.




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