Sitting at my computer… #dailyphd

I haven’t posted much recently as I think reading “I sat at my computer all day, I was fairly productive” over and over again is probably quite boring! Instead I’ve give you a quick summary …


Monday was put aside for presentation writing. On Tuesday I had a seminar to give (the boss kindly volunteered me for this) at Leicester Royal Infirmary, and I didn’t have any slides ready. With a student to supervise all last week I didn’t have much opportunity to sit down and do any computer work. So Monday was dedicated, in between proscrastinating, to getting together a presentation for a clinical audience. Despite the fact that my work is very pure research, i.e. There isn’t much of a direct clinical application (I don’t for example work on something that could become a vaccine), I did my best to make my work applied. I also had to explain a lot of background as the audience was varied and I’d rather over explain a little than underexplain and leave them outrageously confused (although they probably were anyway!). 


Tuesday morning I tweaked the slides and analysed some sequencing data that had come back the day before. At 12:30pm the boss and I headed over to the hospital (that’s right he volunteered me so I made him come and listen :P). I wasn’t the only poor PhD student who’d be volunteered by their boss so after I’d spoken I did get to listen to an interesting talk on Burkholderia pseudomallei which was really interesting 🙂 . I was back at the office about 2:30pm and I can’t quite remember what I did for the rest of the day. I definitely didn’t do nothing, I promise! 🙂 


Another computer day, this one had a slightly different flavour though – poster making! My first job of the day was to find out where I could get a fabric poster printed so I don’t have to carry a poster tube as hand luggage all the way to the US. I found a really cool website which prints them for a good price with a quick turnaround. It’s being shipped today (Thursday) so once I have it I’ll let you know if the quality lives up to expectations. The rest of the day was spent working on the poster. I’ve had a few good results recently so it was really nice to put them together – finally linking them up to make a much clearer picture. Formatting posters always, always, always takes longer than expected, so I wasn’t finished by the time I had to leave for Pilates at 5pm, but I was close! 


Today is the start of my annual leave. That’s right this PhD student is taking a little holiday! 🙂 

My flight isn’t until 7pm (this blog is coming to you live from one of Cross Country Rail’s finest locomotives) so I always planned to work for at least part of the day. I arrived at 9am, and by 11am my poster was finished, proofed and uploaded online for printing (pleased to say I got a very speedy email letting me know my poster would be sent out today). I spent the last hour of my working day finishing some stats for the boss so he can put together his presentation for the ASM conference while I’m away. Stats sent, I was done for the day – annual leave is officially on 🙂 . 

So that’s it from me until the end of the next week. I very nearly, but don’t quite go straight from annual leave to the ASM conference, so it’s quite likely my next blog will come to you directly from Washington DC, until then everyone, thanks for reading.


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