Not much of my own work today – July 13th

I had a dentist appointment this morning so I arrived much later than normal. Despite booking a 9am appointment they were 20mins late seeing me, which meant I missed the 9:30am train and had an hour to kill before the next one. The short version is I arrived at work at 11am and had to rush straight to my Athena Swan meeting (PhD rep on the committee). Don’t worry, I hadn’t abandoned my student in all this, instead I left her in the capable hands of one of our post-docs (I anticipated the late running appointment yesterday and pre-warned him).

So with a meeting from 11:00am-12:30pm, I was thoroughly unproductive in terms of my own work this morning. I decided I may as well have lunch before getting started with anything in the lab. In the end I hit the lab with my student at about 1:15pm and we worked almost solidly from then until 4pm when I sent her home. As she’s only 17 I’m not allowed to leave her alone in the lab at any time – all her work has to be supervised, even if it’s completely non-hazardous. This means I have a little bit of a shadow as everywhere I go, she goes. She’s a hard worker though so I don’t mind. This afternoon I taught her how to make stocks of bacteria (which she started this morning) and how to extract DNA. Before she went home we nanodropped what we’d made and it was at a decent concentration so it was a great first go and tomorrow we can crack on with some PCRs.

Look at all those green ticks -a very successful bit of sequencing data 🙂

I used the last hour of the day, before Pilates at 5pm, to get some of my own work done. I re-plated some bacteria that I didn’t get to use today (due to the late arrival) and I’ll hopefully get to use them tomorrow instead. I also started to analyse a plate of sequencing data. I didn’t plan much of my own work this week as I knew I wouldn’t get to do much of it, but I really do need to get a few bits finished ready for my conference poster later this month. Fingers crossed I can get a bit more done tomorrow. Until then everyone, thanks for reading.




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