A new student in the lab -Monday 11th July

Wimbledon is officially wrapped up for another yet so hopefully I’ll now be a bit less neglectful of the blog (at least until the Olympics arrive in August 😛 ). I definitely should’ve written more last week as I had a really solid week, working sensible hours and also getting good results. A few things fell into place and I ended the week with 2 new, important mutants in the bag. I didn’t work past 5:30pm on any day, and I still got loads done. Basically I think I prioritised well and I’m proud of myself. I should’ve written more as I think it’s important to show a successful week in academia that doesn’t involve overwork or a lack of self care. On Friday our Master’s student had her last day in the lab, so she brought in the most amazing science cake (that also tasted amazing!). It was made by a friend of hers who I’d credit if I knew her name (if I find out I’ll let you know), it was a really lovely end to the week and I topped it off by finishing at 4pm.

A seriously productive Friday, 4 gel tanks running and they are all mine 🙂


Today I arrived just after 9am, after a much needed pitstop for coffee. Between 9-10:30am I was in the lab setting up a plate for sequencing. I had to get this done early as I had a new student arriving today. She’s a Nuffield placement student which means she’s still at school (about to start her final year) and this means a lot of extra rules and requirements. I’ve never had an under 18 student before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but she seems bright and interested in learning about working in a lab so I think everything will go well.

Between 10:30-11am I was helping our Master’s student (the one who brings science cakes) put data into a mathematical model we use for predicting the outcome of the phase variable system we work on. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to wrap your head around but I gave her a crash course and let her get on with it at my computer while I met my student (who the boss had been looking after, don’t worry I didn’t abandon her in reception for 30mins). We spent an hour sorting out admin like ID badges, insurance for the lab and booking a safety induction before I dropped her back off with the boss. I had a lunch time exercise class and I’m not compromising on my self care just because I have a student.

I left at 12:15 and was back, lunch in hand, by just after 1:30pm. Pretty speedy turn around I’d say. After a quick bite to eat we hit the lab where I showed her the thrilling job of making media. We sorted out a lab coat and I also showed her a few things I was doing (mostly passaging colonies onto fresh plates or storing them in the -80). At 4pm I sent her on her way for the day so I could get some of my own work done and I left at 6pm.It definitely wasn’t an overly productive day but I knew it wouldn’t be. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get a little of my own work done while my student has her safety induction. Until then everyone, thanks for reading.


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