working 9-5 – Tuesday 5th July

Well July happened… I know I kind of went missing last week. I worked some long hours and I watched some serious amounts of tennis šŸ™‚ . The long hours meant I had all my work done and could take Friday afternoon off (we went away for the weekend).

Yesterday and today I pulled the hours back and haveĀ been doing aĀ much more sensible 9am-5pm. The work I’m doing this week has shifted a little and now requires a lot of step, wait, step, wait … etc. What this means is I can leave at 5pm and even be home before Mr DailyPhD. Weirdly I feel much more on top of things this week then I did last week.

So I arrived at 9am and spent the morning in the lab, with the exception of journal club between 10-11am. I had lunch around 1pm and eating at my desk led me into a Pinterest spiral that you wouldn’t believe. Our weekend away was for wedding planning so my mind is a little pre-occupied with all things wedding. I eventually pulled myself out of procrastinating about 2:30pm (whoops) and to make up for my sins I spent the afternoon in the lab. I ran some PCRs through clean up columns before using them to set up the next round of PCRs.

My last PCR was on by 4:45pm so that was me done for the day. They can run overnight and I’llĀ putĀ them on a gel as my first job tomorrow morning before I head off for some outreach work. Until then everyone, thanks for reading.


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