Travel grants all round – Monday 20th June

I should’ve written a post on Friday, I had such a productive day, but we had friends coming to stay and the house was in serious need of a tidy. I also came across some nasty brexiters on Twitter who quickly turned political debate into personal insults, but the less said about them the better really. Thursday was also pretty productive, so I’m putting last week firmly in the positive column. A week well spent, mostly in the lab and not one but TWO post-its have been taken down from the wall (and I’m on the brink of a third).

I arrived this morning at 8:45am after a coffee pit stop. I was in the lab before 9am and that’s where I spent my morning. The big gel tray was out and put to solid use with >100 PCRs to run out. I’d also exhausted my supplies of loading dye and had to (finally) make my own. Just by chance I’ve never had to do this before, someone’s always said “Ah I made 20ml’s last week have a few”. Turns out it’s super easy, but I did need to get out the good old molecular genetics volume 1 that we keep in the lab. I’m now the proud owner of my own 20ml (frozen in 1ml aliquots for ease of use) of 6x loading dye.


At 12pm I ate half my lunch and then went off to the gym. A 45min class and quick shower later I was back in the lab jut after 1:30pm (which I think is pretty speedy going) and finished the rest of my lunch. A lunch time gym session meant it was definitely a lunch at desk kind of day. I spent some time after lunch doing admin as I’ve been lucky enough to win 2 different travel grants to help pay for attending the ASM Streptoccocal Genetics Meeting in Washington DC this summer. One is from the Microbiology Society and was confirmed today, the other from the Genetics Society and confirmed last week. I’m very grateful to both societies as I now have enough funds to cover accommodation and flights. In order to claim the funds I need to provide receipts and fill out various forms so a little admin time was needed today.

After the admin I spent the rest of the afternoon in the lab. Doing PCR’s, restriction digests and setting up an experiment with our Master’s student. I finished all my lab jobs for the day around 6pm. I could’ve rushed for the train but decided it wasn’t worth the run. Instead I stayed and spent the hour getting my lab book up to date. By last Friday I’d got quite behind (for me at least) and had about 2weeks to catch up on. I managed to tackle some of it on Friday but I finally managed to get it all up to date today. Being behind in my lab book stresses me out and I don’t normally let it get more than a week behind. I was all wrapped up and heading for home by 7pm.

A great start to the week, I’m going to ride this wave of productivity for as long as it sticks around! Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.


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