New laptop :) – Monday 6th June

My new laptop is all set up šŸ™‚ and IT IS LOVELY šŸ™‚ . I decided to get myself a Lenovo 500 Yoga 2 in 1. It’s lightweight, has a small charger, a touchscreen and a lovely keyboard (much nicer than my old one) which can be flipped around to make the whole computer much more tablet like. For thesis writing I plan to buy myself a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor as I prefer a desktop setup, but buying a new laptop means I do have the freedom to work anywhereĀ if I need to change things up.

OK new laptop out of the way, how was last week? It was a really good week. With May ending I had a change to assess how on track I was with my monthly goals (now less than 3months until thesis writing begins). I’m slightly behind on one aspect but considerably ahead on another, so on the balance of everything I think I’m in a good place. I received two separate shipments from collaborators, one thesis related, the other is part of a side project. The processing of all these samples took up quite a lot of my time but I still managed to get one big thesis experiment (scheduled for June) done and dusted – including 3 biological replicates šŸ™‚ .

On to today.Ā I arrived this morning at 9:15amĀ after a Monday morning swim andĀ I planned to hit the ground running. Unfortunately I made the mistake of checking my emails and the boss had decided today was the day to book our travel for this summers conference in Washington DC. We were waiting for confirmation of travel grants but the risk of flights going up in price means we bit the bullet and booked accommodation today and we’ll book flights tomorrow. Travelling to the States is expensive so I’m very lucky to have the option of my department booking my flights and then receiving the money from my travel grants (that I hopefully win) at a later date. The short version of all this is that I spent most of my morning looking at flights and accommodation on Airbnb (I booked us a lovely 2 bedroom apartment less than 10mins from the conference hotel).

After a morning of travel planning we went for lunch at aboutĀ 1:15pmĀ (late for us I know), and sat out in the sun. A gloriousĀ 23 degreesĀ outside, which felt even warmer on the sunny sheltered balcony of the SU. I didn’t want to go back but I had to fit in some lab work somewhere in the day.Ā So the lab was where I spent my afternoon, I loaded >100 samples on to gels, ran them, digested them and set up a plate for sequencing.

I left for the day atĀ 6pmĀ so I could go and collect my new laptop. At the end of this post I’m still loving it (the keyboard really is very nice). I’ve downloaded everything onto it (Chrome, Dropbox and Google Drive, Mendeley etc.), the only job left to do is transfer my iTunes library. I store very little on my actual computer, so moving files across isn’t too painful a process.

Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.


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