Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday – Mon 23rd May

Welcome to Monday, or as it could also be known – a full day of procrastination. I had every intention of making today a productive day, I had my to do list planned and ready to go. Unfortunately a weekend of email bombardment by the boss left me in a less than motivated mood this morning. My problem is when faced with an unexpected to do list and a pre-planned to do list I feel overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to the point of freezing. Rather than tackle some of the jobs on either the existing or new to do list, I sit at my computer not doing anything. When I don’t know where to start I just don’t start. Does this happen to anyone else or is it just me? By the end of the day I did manage to get some of today’s planned work done as well as deal with the backlog from yesterday, so in essence I managed to keep up with yesterday.

Early morning sunshine on my way to work

I started my week with the best intentions – a 7:15am Pilates class followed by a swim. This meant I arrived at the lab at 9am. I then proceeded to procrastinate for most of the morning. At about 10am I did take a break from procrastinating to set up some bacterial cultures, other than that it was full steam ahead with operation procrastination. I did get to have a lovely twitter chat with Sam Dent who’s written a great blog post on his thesis writing technique. I ate my lunch at my desk, while still procrastinating at about 11:30am and I have to say the homemade houmous I made yesterday was amazing 🙂 .

After I’d eaten I decided I really had to get on with some actual work. Today was the abstract deadline for a conference I’m hoping to attend in Washington in August. My abstract needed editing and some data discussion with the boss before it was ready for uploading. I simultaneously worked on that, cleared out my inbox (after all those weekend emails) and did a transformation in the lab (this only needs little bursts of hands on time and lots of incubating time in between in step).

The most productive part of my day was completing a travel grant application, attending a conference in America is not cheap, so I need all the grants I can find! I have another one to do tomorrow.

By 5pm I’d managed to do the transformations I’d planned (although not the PCRs) and submit the grant application. This afternoon kicked this mornings backside productivity wise. I finished the day by shifting my most important things (lab book, scissors, pritt stick, USB drive) into the lab. From tomorrow for 2-3 days there is work going on in our office and we’re not going to be able to work in there. Instead, I’m planning a pretty solid day of lab work tomorrow and taking my laptop in for any essential computer work.

I left for the day at 5:30pm but I wasn’t done for the day. After my dinner I sat down and completed the online abstract submission for the conference. Officially the deadline is 6am tomorrow morning (due to the time difference) but somehow I don’t think I’ll be up in time. I usually try not to bring work home in the evenings but this was my own fault – I spent the morning procrastinating even though I knew the abstract had to be done today.

Fingers crossed the lack of an office tomorrow has a positive impact on lab work! Until then everyone, thanks for reading.


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