Lab day – Tues 17th May

Hi all, just a quick post today as I spent most of it in the lab.

I arrived this morning at 8:30am, and used the time before our lab meeting to set up some growth curves. At around 9:55am I realised I’d forgotten at add one reagent to my media so had to do a last minute save of adding it individually to all 96 wells! Not the best start to the day (and I was a little late to the lab meeting) but it would’ve been worse if I’d realised after I’d put the plate in the reader.

After the lab meeting wrapped up at 11am I faffed on the computer a little (hello Twitter) before analysing the sequencing plate from yesterday – an overall success, so I have some strains to grow up tomorrow. Once that was done I put some cultures on for my afternoon experiment and also finished that spreadsheet I brought home with me yesterday.

At 12:30pm I went off for lunch with a friend while my bacteria did their own thing in the incubator. The sun was out so we sat out on the terrace of the SU and it was lovely. I didn’t get back to the office until just after 1:30pm, 100% worth it 🙂 .

After lunch I spent the whole afternoon in the lab. I did the final replicate of last weeks experiment and also set up some additional plates for analysis tomorrow. My cells were ready in two batches today which made them nice and easy to work with, and gave me a little time in between steps to make some media and rack some tips.

I left at 7pm (I actually tried to leave at 6:55pm but on my way out the door realised I’d forgotten to incubate my final set of plates). A longer day than normal but it went very quickly. I was busy all day and feel like a got quite a lot done 🙂 . Hopefully the rest of the week will be just as productive 🙂 .

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