Possibly a good result – Wed 11th May on #dailyphd 


Today I battled with this beast – I’ve never used it before but our other autoclaves are out of action at the moment

Today I don’t feel like I achieved much, although there were some small victories in my day. I started off my missing my normal train 😦 … I arrived at the train station to watch it drive off into the distance without me (it left early! Who ever heard of a train being early). This mean I didn’t arrive at the lab until 9am.

The first thing I did was print of a table I could use to count my 18 plates from yesterday. My experiment looks like it’s been fairly successful which is a big bonus, but I didn’t have enough reagents left to do it again today. Once I’d counted the plates I went about making lots more of everything so that tomorrow I can get started first thing in the morning.

It’s a good job I had plenty of lab work to do as I’ve been having computer issues since I installed the latest version of Office (at IT services request). Their best advice to fix the problem was to uninstall and reinstall Office (the installation equivalent of switching it off and back on) but I don’t have the admin privileges to not have Office installed so they had to do it remotely. Anyway after about an hour the IT guy rang me back and said it’s hopefully all fixed. I’m glad I was busy with lab work otherwise an hour is a long time to wait.

Once my computer was up and running again I made some graphs from yesterdays experiment (they look quite pretty) before heading out for lunch at 12:30pm. It was fairly quick and I was back just after 1pm.

I spent the afternoon procrastinating, I did tick a few little jobs off my to do list (e.g. can you check the expression of these genes in your RNAseq data) so I’ve not been totally useless but I definitely should’ve been working harder.

I left at 5pm for Pilates, need to be relaxed and ready to tackle another full lab day tomorrow. Until then everyone, thanks for reading.

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