A really boring day – Thursday 5th May

I don’t really have a lot to tell you about today. The most exciting thing is probably that we went for ice cream in the afternoon 🙂 .

I arrived at 8:30am this morning and started by finishing up the undergrad marking. After a few computer issues I sent that off and could tick it off my to do list 🙂 🙂 🙂 . I then decided I’d finally get round to actually writing the paper I’ve supposedly been writing since the Christmas holidays. Today I just had a desire to write, this really doesn’t happen often so I took advantage of it. I wrote the materials and methods and I also put together two of the figures (including legends). I think this is a decent output for the day but it doesn’t make for a very exciting blog post (sorry team!).

I finished the day with my lab duty – cleaning and restocking the lab which look me about 45mins.

I left at 6pm and went to do my most important task for the day – I VOTED in my local elections.

Tomorrow I have a short day as I need to leave by 2pm so we’ll see how much more of that paper I can get written. Until then everyone, thanks for reading 🙂 .

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