The boss is happy, so I’m happy – Tuesday 26th April

This evening I have a happy boss and an inbox sitting at 1. Not quite inbox zero but definitely a commendable effort.

I arrived this morning at 9:30am after a morning trip to the gym. This didn’t leave me much time before journal club to get anything done. I had hoped to pour and load gels from some overnight PCRs but realised I didn’t have enough agarose 😦 . Instead I used the time to make new agarose that could temper in the oven while I was off at journal club. We wrapped up at 11am after a paper on a novel class of phages, and I had to be at the hospital to drop samples off by 11:30am. After a quick email check I poured my gels, packed up my samples and was on my way.

The hospital isn’t far so I was back just after 12pm, and I finally got around to loading those gels. While they ran  I ate my lunch and did a quick social media catch up at my desk. When they’d finished (29/30 successful samples) I digested them and emailed the sequencing service to let them know I’d be sending samples.

The boss wandered into the lab early in the afternoon. We’ve recently had an interesting result which unfortunately with additional replicates didn’t look quite so pretty. This disappointed him a lot so I offered to put together all the data I’ve generated for these samples so we could look at it all in one place and bring it to him at the end of the day. I finished all my lab work  – plating out strains for a growth curve and another 60 samples to take to the hospital tomorrow – and then sat down at 3:45pm to make and colour code a new spreadsheet.

It only took me about 30mins (days like today I really appreciate my obsessive labelling of my data spreadsheets, everything was easy to find) and then we sat down and looked for trends and patterns. We found one strange replica that seemed to be skewing the overall trend we had been seeing. Having an answer for why our pretty trend had disappeared made the boss very happy 🙂 , I told him I’d edit the report I’d written last week and send it back to him before I left for the day (very, very happy boss).

I set up a sequencing plate ready for collection in the morning and then sat down at about 5pm to edit my report. By 5:30pm I’d sent it back (very, very, very happy boss), and could spend my last 30mins clearing out my inbox. I left at 6pm with a very happy boss and an inbox with a single outstanding email – overall a pretty solid performance. Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading 🙂 .

2 thoughts on “The boss is happy, so I’m happy – Tuesday 26th April

    • It’s mad what other people see from the outside looking in. I really struggle with motivation some days (especially papers) but other people think I work hard. It’s all a perspective thing! Have a look at my pinterest board for a little motivation and to know what you’re feeling is exactly the same as every other PhD student 🙂
      Hope it helps 🙂


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