Kicked out of the office – Wed 20th April

I arrived this morning at 8:30am and at 9am was swiftly kicked out of the office by a man who came to check for asbestos. It was the shove I needed to get myself into the lab and working away. Yesterday’s PCRs were successful with 48/48 samples all working 🙂 so I set about digesting them ready for sequencing.

48/48 success PCRs – that’s a good day of sciencing

I also made some plates as tomorrow I’ll be taking another 48 samples (everything is in groups of 48 at the moment) over to the hospital. I worked in the lab for the majority of the morning until my friend arrived at 12:30pm for lunch. It was such a lovely, sunny day that we ended up sitting outside the students union until nearly 1:45pmA long lunch, but we hadn’t had one together in a few weeks and it was so warm out that it was hard to head back in doors. Eventually we did just before 2pm and I quickly realised I’d completely forgotten about a seminar starting at 2pm. I arrived just in time and kind of wished I hadn’t. I shouldn’t say that, it was nothing to do with the quality of the speaker, it was just so far from anything I work on (it was human genetics) that I felt like my time would’ve been better spent in the lab.

I came back from the seminar at 3pm and checked my emails. We had a safety inspection this afternoon (an internal one before a bigger external one coming up) and there were a few issues raised. Generally I keep my bench pretty tidy, at least by the standards of our lab, but I share my bay with the BIGGEST HOARDER EVER! He knows who he is. This meant we had quite a lot of stuff stored on the window sills which is apparently a no-no. Sorting out some of this stuff quickly snowballed into a complete clean up of my bench, drawers and cupboard… whoops! I didn’t finish until 4:30pm, and that’s only because I had to finish setting a sequencing plate up before leaving for Pilates at 5pm. 

The big clean meant I didn’t get the 48 samples for the hospital plated before Pilates, so I had to ditch my evening swim and go back to the lab at 6:30pm to get them sorted. It didn’t take too long and I was on my way home by 7pm. Tomorrow I have to try and make those failed PCRs from yesterday work.. wish me luck! Until then everyone, thanks for reading.

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