“I don’t like it when I’m right, it means you’re grumpy” – Tuesday 19th April

“I don’t like it when I’m right, it means you’re grumpy” – wise words from the boss. He was convinced there was a result in what I was doing, I was sure there wasn’t. I reluctantly re-analysed the data and turns out he was right… I’m happy with the result, but it’s important to make sure the boss isn’t right too often – otherwise he starts getting ideas 😉

I arrived this morning at 9am and kind of wasted my first hour, I didn’t get any lab work done before our lab meeting at 10am and I really should have. I had things to do that included incubation’s and using the lab meeting for those incubation’s would’ve been very sensible … I repented for my early morning laziness by spending rest of the morning in the lab and managed to get quite a lot done before lunch at 12:30pm.

I was back in the lab by 1:30pm and spent the afternoon working through the rest of my to do list. I finished some DNA extractions and then set up PCRs, which turned out to be less than amazing (see below for the evidence).

1 out of 6, not the greatest success rate I’ve ever had …

I’d finished everything I’d planned by 5:45pm, including some blog admin and writing up my lab book, so it was time to wrap up for the day and head to the gym. With this new result and an on-going interesting experiment I feel like I’m finally moving forward in a meaningful way again. I want to do my work and experiments rather than needing to do them, which is a really great feeling 🙂 . Fingers crossed it carries on! Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.



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