Free Ice Cream – Tuesday 12th April

I arrived this morning about 9am and had a bit of a slow start BUT once I got on with things I had productive lab morning, working solidly from about 9:30am-12pm when we went out for lunch. Today was *free cone day* at Ben & Jerry’s so we planned a lunch trip out and stopped by the Leicester Odeon afterwards to grab our free cones 🙂 – the lab that socializes together and all that…

*Free Cone Day*

We were only out for 1hr 15min which I think is pretty good going. I was back at my desk by about 1:15pm and cracked on with analysing some sequencing data that arrived in my inbox yesterday. From it I made a couple of graphs and also solved a mystery that turned out to be the result of a single weird mutant rather than a very, very strange phenotype (I’m very glad about this as I had know idea how to explain what I saw the first time).

3-4pm was back to the lab. This involved some sorting of my -80’C boxes which is a job I hate but it had to be done. We have some new racking to go into the freezer but space needs to be cleared before it can go in. It was a case of sort your stuff or risk losing your stuff. I actually only had a one box and one rack in the unorganised part of the freezer so the job wasn’t anywhere as bad as I’d anticipated.

Once my hands had thawed I finished up designing primers for some slightly complicated, but hopefully useful, mutants. I did adminny things, plated out 48 samples ready to take over to the labs at the hospital tomorrow and finished the day by getting my lab book up to date. At 7pm I headed home, overall I’d call it a bitty but productive day (that had the added bonus of free ice cream). Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.

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