Enjoying some time off

Since coming back from the Microbiology Society Annual conference on Thursday last week I’ve been seriously enjoying some time off. In the UK at Easter Good Friday and Easter Monday are Bank holidays, which means a 4 day weekend. In addition the University of Leicester has two closure days, normally these fall one either side of Easter, but with Easter being so early this year the University decided to have them both after instead. With most of the week off anyway (and the boss being away) I decided to book some annual leave for Thursday and Friday and give myself a lovely chunk of time off.

Sitting in my sunny kitchen with the latest Good Food and a cup of tea – LIVING THE DREAM 🙂

We had friends visit at the weekend and I’ve spent the rest of my time making bread, sorting out my garden, doing a little DIY on the house and, if you can believe it, reading for pleasure. The sunshine that’s been around this week (and hopefully carries on into the weekend) really makes me smile, I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy it as well. I’m spending this weekend visiting family and friends, and will be back to work on Monday feeling refreshed and ready to get on with some serious*getting towards the end of my PhD* work.


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