Teaching, teaching, teaching – Thursday 17th March

I’m exhausted! So much teaching today that I didn’t really get a lot else done.

I arrived at 8:45am after a coffee pitstop (just like last Friday, coffee is very important when there is undergrad teaching to be done) and at 9am I had to be in a strange room in the depths of the medical sciences building (MSB) for a undergraduate tutorial. After a few technical issues we were up and running by 9:15am and spent the first ~1hour playing an evolution board game. I’ve played this game a lot, with undergrads and also with Brilliant Club students, so the game was easy. The students seemed to have a good time and I fully encouraged them to be creative and also to name their little creatures as they evolved 🙂 . After the game the last 1hour of the tutorial was put aside for questions using the dreaded Hardy Weinberg equation and Chi squared calculations. This is fine, I’m happy working through questions with students but the difference today was I was filling in for an academic. I was considered a grown up today … On top of that the other academic in the tutorial had to leave early for a practical session in a different unit. So there I was just me and 20 students, all with blank looks on their faces. Once I’d found my feet I think it went well. They all left having answered most of the questions, and I don’t think I screwed up anyone’s education, so overall I’m calling it a win.

The tutorial was wrapped up at just after 11:30am, which gave me enough time to answer a few emails before leaving at 12pm to get the train to my Brilliant Club tutorial in Melton Mowbray. The train times mean I have a bit of time to kill either side of my tutorials so I get to have a little time to myself sitting down with a coffee (and taking full advance of the wifi). I usually use the time after the tutorials to fill in my online register which gets that straight off my to do list. I was teaching between 1:30-3:30pm, and today all my pupils had to do a presentation on the topic they’ve chosen for their final assignment. For each one I took detailed notes and they’ll each get individual feedback to help them build and improve their final assignment. This was the last tutorial before they have to submit their final assignments and I think it was a really valuable session for them all.


Some of the creatures my Brilliant Club pupils created a few weeks ago using the University of Leicester GENIE evolution game. 

I caught the 4:30pm train back to Leicester and was back in the lab about 5pm. I did some counting of the plates from yesterday, and stored some of the controls in glycerol to go in the freezer. I then hung around the lab chatting until about 6:15pm as I was avoiding going to the gym. When I did eventually work up the enthusiasm to go I realised I’d left my trainers at home anyway. I’d missed the train so was stuck at the lab until 7pm. I could, and should, have used that time productively, but I didn’t. A whole day of teaching had caught up on me by that point and I didn’t have the energy to do much other than scroll through social media.

On another note I got a reply from the Microbiology Society today, they apologised about the session mix up and we’ve sorted something out. I’ll still be presenting in the “wrong” session but I’ve told them I won’t be presenting exactly the abstract I submitted. Now that’s decided I can get on with finishing the talk. So that’s my job for tomorrow, MUST FINISH THE TALK, until then everyone, thanks for reading.



One thought on “Teaching, teaching, teaching – Thursday 17th March

  1. I think I can relate since I was also placed in a situation wherein both the master’s and the teaching stuffs with undergrads both run at the same time. but later on I asked my department if they could allow me to focus first on my thesis and glad that they did. =))


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