Pseudo Academic – Tuesday 15th March

I arrived this morning at 8am, and was straight into the lab. After my Brilliant Club tutorial yesterday I popped back to the lab and plated out several different strains to test today. So that’s where I started. My samples were running before 9am, so I had time to set up a slide to drop off to the hospital for the work I’ve been doing there.

At 10am it was journal club time, but I was right in the middle of making some graphs and doing some statistics so I decided to give it a miss this week (I also hadn’t read the paper). I worked away on the computer until a seminar at 12pm, and immediately after that went for lunch.

I spent my afternoon working away in the lab, until about 4pm. I popped over to the hospital to drop my slide from this morning off and after a meeting with the boss set up some strains for growth curves tomorrow before heading home at 6pm. 

Yesterday and today were both productive in different ways. For the rest of the week I have a lot of teaching coming up, including on Thursday where I’ll be filling in for an academic in a tutorial session. I’m used to being a PhD demonstrator but this is going to be a new experience! Wish me luck!



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