And relax – Friday 11th March

What a week… I had every intention of writing a post last night, but after getting home from the lab at 8:30pm it didn’t take me long to fall asleep on the sofa. I spent today playing catch up with my lab book as I’d been neglecting it all week as well as demonstrating for undergraduates.

I arrived this morning at 8:45am, after a pitstop for coffee (coffee is very valuable when you have a morning of undergrad demonstrating 😉 ). I had a chance to set up two plates for sequencing and place some orders before heading to the teaching labs at 10am. It was a fairly busy session where the students were doing some microbiology as well as digesting some plasmids, and we wrapped up at 12:45pm. I decided it was definitely time for lunch and headed out until 1:30pm. 

After lunch I decided to dedicate my afternoon to data analysis and lab book write up. I’m usually pretty good at staying on top of my lab book but this week I’ve done A LOT of lab work and not written it all up properly. I keep a rough notebook so it’s just a case of transferring everything over and sticking in pictures. I managed to produce a summary report of a side project I’ve been working on, and have also finally managed to get some decent data from the work I’ve been doing over at the hospital lab. This afternoon a lot of data was compiled and sent to the boss. I think he’s happy, even if the results weren’t quite as exciting as he’d hoped.

Three results emails to the boss and >10 lab book pages later it was 6pm, which on a Friday is most definitely home time. This weekend I don’t have any lab work planned, but next week is full steam ahead to try and get some extra results in before I give a talk at the Microbiology Society conference the following week.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend 🙂


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