“Women in Academia” series on PhD Life

Thanks for the mention, looking forward to the upcoming posts this month 🙂

PhD Life

In March we will be publishing posts from our Women in Academia series….

We are quite excited about March here on PhD Life blog as we will be running “Women in Academia” series of post. Is this really something we still need to talk and write about in 2016?

Yes, we feel it is.

It was not that long ago that Dr Tim Hunt called for gender-segregated labs and I believe that a lot of women in academia face such views from their colleagues. For many of them this might be one of the reasons for ultimately leaving academia for good. Those that stay, according to some studies, need to do more work to be competitive with their male colleagues, and when employed might earn less or receive negative feedback more often, due to their gender.

Yes, we feel we should continue talking and writing about this.

pieree If male…

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2 thoughts on ““Women in Academia” series on PhD Life

  1. i hope to carry on my career in academia but ill be honest iam petrified of being looked over etc, my supervisor already doesn’t really respect me. I am a big supporter of Athena Swan and wish i could be involved in another way other than just showing my support


    • I think being supportive in general is a great start – you’d be surprised how many people say they are for gender equality but are a bit indifferent to any meaningful change when it’s proposed!


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