Positive science – Mon 7th March

After my mini crisis of faith in science last week (and the week before) I managed to get myself back on track. Rather than try and analyse data and do statistics (I went to see mathematicians, never, ever do this when you already feel bad about your science), I went back to the lab. Seriously back to the lab. It was all I did Wednesday, Thursday morning (PM was spent doing a Brilliant Club tutorial) and Friday morning (weekly meeting on Friday afternoon). My bum barely touched my seat in the office, I got a lot done and it made me feel much better.

That means I started this week fresh and much more positive. I arrived at 8:45am after a coffee pitstop. I dealt with admin until about 10:30am and then hit the lab for an hour. Between 11:30am-12:30pm I started work on my lab meeting for tomorrow and then went off lunch.

After lunch I was back to the lab. I avoided writing the rest of my lab meeting by making vast quantities of media (I was running low), although the autoclave did decide to fail on the first run so I had to throw half of it away 😦  . I streaked out several different strains for tomorrow and also showed our new Masters student how to do it as well. She’ll be doing the same experiment as me this week so I can show her all the steps as we go.

At around 4pm I went back to the office and finished off my lab meeting (with a few distractions as, let’s face it, no one really likes to put together a lab meeting). I popped in and out of the lab, plating things out as my media was ready, but mostly worked at my computer until 6pm when I decided it was home time.

Overall a decent day, not as productive lab wise as Wed-Fri last week, but I couldn’t avoid having to write those lab meeting slides. Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading 🙂 .

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