Back on track, I think – 26th Feb

After a low couple of days PhD wise I think today I started to get back on track. In the interests of honesty I should’ve posted yesterday and Wednesday but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it. At least today was more positive, although I’m still feeling a bit negative about science as a general career route at the moment.

Today I arrived at 9:30am after a morning gym trip, in the last few days I’ve done a lot of running to help lift me out of my PhD funk. When I’m in a negative place work wise I normally go down one of two routes – I either eat my feelings or I run away from them on the treadmill. This week I’ve already done 17km, and it definitely does help. From 10am I was demonstrating for undergraduates and we had a lovely morning where they did a bacterial transformation and also looked at some different crosses of flies to look at X-linked genes. I’ve done this practical plenty of times before so I feel comfortable with it and could really help the students understand.

I finished demonstrating at 1pm and went straight for lunch. At 1:45pm I was feeling about ready to make a proper plan to move my work forward, something I haven’t been able to do for the last few days (I’ve been doing a lot of data analysis, which all turned out to be useless, so you can see the reason for the funk). I have some serious weekend work planned, partly lab work, partly undergraduate marking (25 reports to be marked by next Wednesday). I’ve decided I’ll be most productive doing this marking at the office rather than at home, especially when I can’t always trust my laptop to switch on! My office guarantees me a functioning computer at least.

The rest of my afternoon was spent in the lab doing set up work for my weekend experiments. I have two growth curves to run (one on Saturday and one on Sunday), I also have several other little experiments that will hopefully shed some light on some questions I have/help explain some weird things I’ve seen.

I’m trying to maximise the amount of work I do tomorrow so that Sunday is just a brief trip to the lab. Fingers crossed it’s worth it, I’ll let you know on Monday! Until then everyone, thanks for reading.

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