Really glad I did that weekend work – Monday 22nd Feb

Evening all, a fairly steady day to tell you about today but first I want to own up to a little weekend working, that’s right, I don’t always succeed in practicing what I preach and on Saturday I went and spent a little time in the lab. Hear me out, I’m running some growth curve experiments, some take 24hours, some take 48hours. To avoid hogging the plate reader for 3/5 days in the week I can set one experiment up on a Friday morning to run to 24hours, and pop in on Saturday, store that plate in the freezer and set up a 48hour plate to run until Monday morning. Hopefully I’ve justified my weekend working to you this time round, it’s definitely better than making enemies in the lab by hogging equipment.

What this means is I came in this morning to a deluge of data to analyse. Growth curves of 6 different strains in, 4 different sugars, each in triplicate, generates quite a lot of data. I decided to get my lab work out of the way first thing and set up 2 plates to send off for sequencing, by setting them up first I hoped to get a least one of them back before the end of the day (spoiler: I did 🙂 ). By 9:30am most of my lab work for the day was done, I did a little housekeeping (tip restocking) and then settled down at my computer for the day.


I had a little Twitter time (BIG weekend news with the whole EU ref announcement so it really couldn’t be avoided!) and then cracked on with my data analysis. This was my second time running these experiments, the first time looked promising, but unfortunately they didn’t quite go to plan second time round, which obviously made me really happy that I gave up part of my weekend to set them up.

After a 12:15-1pm lunch break (away from the office) I made some graphs, did a little “Brexit” reading, and then when it arrived at about 3pm I analysed my sequencing data. This was additional analysis of the first (more successful) growth curves, and I finished my day on a high – there is definitely something interesting in there – tomorrow it’s time to do some stats and see if it’s significant.

Between 5-5:30pm I did a little prep for tomorrow’s demonstrating session (final one of this unit) and then packed up my things and headed home after plating out some bacteria ready to hog that plate reader tomorrow 😉 . Until then everyone, thanks for reading.

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