Solid lab day – Wed 17th Feb

Evening all,

Yesterday I spent 10am-4pm demonstrating so didn’t really think it was worth a post. With demonstrating on Tuesday’s (and Mr DailyPhD playing badminton) I’ve taken to working a bit later, until about 6:30pm, which means I can get some meaningful lab work done and today was a solid day of lab work as well.

I arrived at 9am, a little later than normal, as I have a bit of a virus so needed a little extra sleep. After a brief email check, I was into the lab to spend the morning setting up ~100 PCR’s and extract ~20 DNA samples. That basically filled my morning, all routine, but definitely all productive. The PCR’s need to run for ~6hours so I wasn’t going to be doing anything else with them today.

After my mornings lab work we went for lunch (out of the office) at 12:30pm. I was gone for about 45mins and came back to some sequencing data in my inbox to analyse, a lovely way to start my afternoon. I think this might sound like I’m being sarcastic but I’m not, it genuinely was a nice start to my afternoon. Some of my sequences weren’t great but the good one’s show me my mutants are exactly as I expected them to be. I’ve proved my new mutants have the markers I expect and also that the DNA directly surrounding them isn’t mutated in anyway. Overall a great start to the afternoon, although I did find out one of my cassettes is backwards – strange but as long as it’s there it shouldn’t be a problem. It did leave me a little confused at first, until I twigged what was going on.

When I’d finished with my sequences I went back to the lab, finished up those DNA extractions and set some things up for tomorrow. At 4pm I had a meeting set with the boss and my undergraduate student from last term. The first draft of his write up is due in the next few weeks so we needed to check in on his progress. Lets just say we’ve given him a hurry along! We finished that meeting at 4:45pm, which left me just enough time to book my train tickets for the Microbiology Society annual conference next month before leaving for Pilates at 5pm. 

Overall I’d say today was a really solid day, lab and admin wise. I think I had a decent split between the two without too much time spent on things like email (or social media). Tomorrow is a day free of meetings 🙂 time to crack on with lab work, until then everyone, thanks for reading.

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