Monday motivation – 15th Feb

New week, new motivation.

The boss came back from two weeks away (work related) today so I had a chance to sit down and go though what I’ve achieved while he’s been gone. I was pleasantly surprised with myself. I didn’t feel as if I’d had a particularly productive 2 weeks but when I looked through all the things I’ve done (even if they haven’t worked) I’ve done a lot and I’ve made good decisions in his absence.

After a busy weekend I arrived this morning at  9am, I grabbed myself a cup of tea (strawberry and raspberry 🙂 ) and cracked on with analysing a chunk of sequencing data that landed in my inbox last thing on Friday. This should’ve been the last big chunk that needed to be pulled together for my on-going paper, unfortunately these data didn’t quite go to plan and will need re-doing 😦 .  That’s a job for later on this week.

Between 12:15-1pm we had lunch, and then I was right back to sorting out all my data. Today wasn’t a lab work kind of day. At 2pm I sat down with the boss for a good 1 hour catch up. I went in with a list of things I wanted to ask him/talk to him about, and once that was done we could go through the data I’ve been collating. Importantly I’ve been highlighting reasons for any gaps, this has been time consuming (see this morning), but by marking out exactly why gaps exist I can decide how to deal with them. A lot of the gaps are actually experimentally valid and back up other findings we have so I don’t view them all as a bad thing.

After a very productive meeting I was able to clear a lot of things out of my inbox that had been hanging around for a while. The boss and I decided on a conference that I could attend but wasn’t sure about (in the end we decided against this one), we decided whether or not I should give both the talks I’ve been offered at the Microbiology Society Annual conference (conclusion, 1 talk in a conference is more than enough, and I’ve sent a very polite email declining one of them) and we decided basic things like train tickets for the same conference.

By the time I left at 5:30pm I was down to InboxOne, not quite InboxZero but not far off 🙂 . Tomorrow I’ll be demonstrating for most of the day with a big chunk of lab set up work later on. Until then everyone, thanks for reading 🙂 .


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