Laptop down – Tuesday 9th Feb

I took a week off from blogging last week as life just got on top of me a little. I planned to do a roundup post yesterday/today but my laptop doesn’t want to play. I can’t get it to switch on at the moment so this short post is coming to you live from my iPhone.
Overall last week was a productive week and while I wasn’t writing blogs I was still thinking about you all and taking photos.

So here’s my weeks in photos 😊

complicated PCR plates


Had a good clear out of my cold room boxes – threw a lot of old stuff out


All nicely organised now 😊


Complicated PCR plate was fairly successful 😊


Friday lab selfie


A sugar I used last week is nearly as old as I am – it arrived in the lab 27 years ago! And I can confirm my bacteria happily grew.


Back to my roots – doing real microbiology and setting up growth curves using different sugars

When I’m not posting I’m still thinking of you! Thanks for reading x


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