Top sciencing – Friday 29th Jan

Today I feel really good about science. My two mutants look like they’ve worked and I’ve done a good amount of reading this week which has pleased the boss more than I can put into words. When you can string together a few positive results it really lifts your mood :).

Yesterday I did a really solid lab day, I arrived at 8:30am and left at 4:30pm. I didn’t plan to leave early but I was lucky enough that a friend offered me a last minute ticket to the Sir David Attenborough lecture. So I cracked on with my lab work and had it all wrapped up just in time for the start of the lecture at 5pm. It was brilliant, like having a live narration of an Attenborough documentary.


Today I arrived at 9:15am after a morning trip to the gym, and I got a few admin jobs done before I went off to demonstrate at 10am. This is a different unit to the one on Tuesday, that was with second years and today was first years. Demonstrating lasted until 1pm and after that I had a quick lunch at my desk while working on some slides for our afternoon meeting. Before the meeting at 2:30pm I also managed to fit in some plate pouring, so I could pick my successful mutants and grow them up overnight (yes I’ll be in the lab tomorrow, but not for long).

We managed a relatively short group meeting and were finished by about 4:30pm, which meant I had plenty of time to finish my lab work. I finished it all just after 6pm, which is a little annoying as I’d just missed a train. I decided to use the extra 45mins wisely and write up my lab book. I left at 7pm, a late finish but with the amount of teaching in my diary this week it was inevitable. I’m actually really pleased with the amount of lab wok I’ve managed to fit in alongside the demonstrating.

Finally I want to share with you my brand new profile on the Science Councils website.

Have a great weekend everyone, thank you for reading!


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