Undergraduate demonstrating – 27th Jan

Yesterday I was demonstrating for most of the day (10am-4pm) although I did have a long lunch break 12-1:45pm. I managed to get some lab work in before and after demonstrating though so my day was fairly productive. I did work later than normal though (6:30pm) to make up for some of the time spent in the teaching labs.

Today I was demonstrating again, but only for 2hours. Rather than practical labs this was a tutorial session where my job was to help the students work through a series of questions, rather than do any lab work with them. Before the tutorial I worked through the problem sheet myself (it’s amazing how much working with undergrads forces me to brush up on my basic genetics, especially the human stuff, bacteria are very different). I had planned to get a PCR on before going to the tutorial but I underestimated how long the problem sheet would take me. I came back from demonstrating at 12pm and went straight off for lunch, before spending an afternoon in the lab.

Other than a demonstrator briefing between 2-2:30pm, I worked pretty continuously in the lab from 1-5pm, getting several different PCRs done. I now have a complete construct ready to try and make a mutant tomorrow. My only regret from the last two days is that I haven’t had a chance to do any more reading. I think I’ll start tomorrow with lab work and hopefully (fingers crossed) be able to put the afternoon aside for reading. Until then everyone, thanks for reading.

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