Pomodoro Monday – 25th Jan

Hi bloggies, a fairly productive Monday to tell you about.

I arrived today at 9:15am after my Monday morning swim, and I pretty quickly got on with lab work. I had things hanging around on my to do list from last week when I was stuck working from home. My first job was running the PCRs I did last week out on a gel, and I cheated a little by also setting the samples up to digest before the gel had finished running. Really I should’ve waited, but I was fairly confident they’d worked, and today I was lucky.

At 11am I had to go for a little wander down the road to occupational health. Some of the work I do requires me to have an annual lung function review and mine was over due. I arrived in plenty of time for my 11:30am appointment, filled in some paperwork, and after a quick appointment was on my way back to the lab with a clean bill of health.

Between 12-1pm I made the final updates to my Brilliant Club handbook before uploading it ready for printing. I really should’ve done this over the weekend but I just couldn’t quite bring myself to do any work yesterday.

Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

After a lunchbreak (away from the desk) between 1-1:45pm I dedicated the afternoon to the office. I sorted out the to do lists I’d left hanging last week, cleared my inbox a little, wrote up my lab book and, once all that was done, I sat down to do some reading. For a good 2hours I pomodoro’ed my little socks off. I haven’t used the pomodoro technique  in a while but I do find it really useful for concentration when reading. For 25mins I close my email and shut down social media so can I fully focus on reading and taking notes. In the 2hrs I managed to get through two paper very useful papers with good notes.

I finished the day at just after 5pm, not a long day but productive. Tomorrow I’ll be demonstrating for most of the day (10-4) on a unit I haven’t done before so cross you fingers for me that it goes well, until then, thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Pomodoro Monday – 25th Jan

  1. Miss,

    Good pm. It’s me again 🙂

    I would like to ask, have you tried (or heard) of others who prefers to work their phd by night? Like 10pm-6am and sleep towards the day.


    • Hi wsmiguel – I think that’s very difficult to do as you always have at least some commitments to your department (although for you these might be limited). For me I have meetings to go to and seminars to attend which all happen in the normal working hours of 9-5. I hope that helps.


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