Working from home – Wed, Thurs & Fri 20th-22nd Jan

Morning all! Strange time of day for me to post I know, but I’m in a slightly strange position. Basically I’m stuck in my house. I’m not physically stuck but the lock on our front door broke on Wednesday evening (that’s where Wednesday night’s post went in case you were wondering). The short story is that until the locksmith arrives today (Friday) one of us needs to stay in the house, cue me working from home.

Wednesday was a normal day, I did a morning of lab work followed by an afternoon meeting with my second supervisor. I’d arranged a meeting so I could get his input on my thesis plan. The meeting had lots of advantages, firstly it forced me to get the thesis plan I’d started finished and in a proper working order. Secondly it fulfills my obligation to have at least one meeting a year with my second supervisor and finally (and most importantly) I could get his input on my plans and get an alternative perspective. In went into the meeting feeling like I had two solid results chapters and a weak third. I came out knowing I have three good (and two nearly complete experiment wise) chapters, lots of idea’s for a 4th and the belief there’s a definite second paper in the work I’ve already done. Apparently I’ve overestimated how much is needed for a chapter which is great news! On Wednesday I worked 8:30am-5pm before heading off for my evening Pilates class.

Thursday was day one of working from home, we decided on Wednesday night I’d stay in and call the locksmith on Thursday morning, so I let the boss know what was happening. Unfortunately our local locksmith couldn’t make it until Friday, but I was up and dressed as if it was a normal work day (as I didn’t want to be in my pajamas if he said “I’ll be round in 20mins“). I’ll admit to procrastinating a little (ok a lot) at first – working from home isn’t  ideal for me, but after I did the laundry and cleaned the house, I settled down to work on the materials and methods part of my paper. I’ve never written a paper before, so what I’ve written could be complete rubbish, but it’s better to have something rubbish that you can edit than nothing written at all. In the afternoon I did some work on my Brilliant Club course and I also baked a cake (whoops!), in my defense after the weighing the baking part really doesn’t take much hands on time. I carried on working while the cake was baking I promise. Overall I probably did less than I would’ve at work, but I did find time to dedicate to tasks I’ve been putting off, so it definitely wasn’t a wasted day.

Friday and I’m still at home, but I’m happy to report the locksmith is here! And there’s drilling happening, so fingers crossed the door will be fixed soon and I’ll be in work in time for our weekly meeting. I’ve spent the morning updating my Mendeley library (after tidying my wardrobe – whoops!) and once this post is up I’m either going to do some more work on my Brilliant Club course or perhaps even some long neglected reading – I haven’t decided yet and I think it depends how long the locksmith will be. Either way I can hopefully use the day productively and as a bonus I have cake (although I’m starting to think that if people could start showing me pictures of wedding dresses every time I try and eat cake that would be great).

So that’s all for today, have a great weekend everyone and as always thanks for reading.


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