Catching up – Tuesday 19th Jan

Let’s just scoot right on past the fact I haven’t blogged for a few days, life’s been busy with a Brilliant Club training weekend in preparation for my 5th placement with them. This time round I’m working with 14-15 year olds, teaching them my own course, which I need to have finished and ready to go by next Monday.

I think yesterday is an important day to tell you about, as it was a really bad day. I had no motivation, and wedding plans completely distracted me. I eventually arrived at 10:30am (after cancelled trains) and then did no work until the afternoon. Various things got in the way, along with the typical Monday morning blues. I did however manage to turn it around later on in the day. I remembered that in our Friday meeting the boss asked me to run some old data through my model. The model isn’t an exact fit for this data but I gave it a go, and with a few tweaks I managed to make it work :). This meant I finished the day on a high, producing a graph that the boss is very happy with (“you’re lovely and the graph is lovely”). I left at 5:30pm feeling happy I’d managed to turn the day around.

It was a frosty, but sunny start to the day

Onto today. I arrived at 9:30am after a morning trip to the gym. I had a little bit of a slow start but by 10am I was in the lab. I started the day with a PCR clean up, followed by more PCRs. I caught up with the boss and I got my lab book up to date – not a bad morning. At 12:30pm I went for lunch and was back by 1:30pm. 

My PCR was finished so I ran that on a gel, and while it was going plated out 30 samples from the freezer. Tomorrow I’ll collect the bacteria that grow and use them to (hopefully) complete a data set when I PCR and sequence them. My afternoon was in and out of the lab, but mostly in, although I did find a few minutes to email the science council about my RSci profile that will be going up on their new website soon. The PCR I’d run out earlier had a few unwanted bands, so I decided to physically cut the correctly sized ones out of the gel and clean them up. This was my last job of the day and I was wrapped up by 5:30pm. 

As you can see Tuesday was much, much more productive than Monday. 

Today was so much better than yesterday, I got a good amount of lab work done and moved towards completing a data set which is always a bonus. My final bit of news is that I’ve been offered not one but TWO talks at the upcoming Microbiology Society (formerly SGM) annual conference. Two talks is a little daunting, when I submitted two abstracts (the bosses idea) I was hoping for 2 posters. I have until the 19th Feb to accept, which means I have a little time to think over whether I can comfortably do 2 talks (in one day!).

Tomorrow I’m meeting with my second supervisor so go through a detailed thesis plan – so please cross your fingers for me! It’s going to be a tough (but hopefully useful) afternoon. Until then everyone, thanks for reading.


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