Routine but productive – Tuesday 12th Jan

Today was a much better day than yesterday. It wasn’t a day of great scientific thinking, but it was a day of productive sample processing.

I arrived just after 10am, much later than normal as I had a dentist appointment, and this meant I missed this mornings lab meeting. I did adminny things until everyone came back from the meeting and then about 11am I hit the lab to check the plates from yesterday. I’m more than happy with the results. I quickly plotted the bacterial counts against the original counts and they look good (comparable), so I knew I could carry on with all the other samples (yesterday I did a test run of 5). After counting and plotting the bacteria I washed them all off their plates so I could store them in the freezer while I prep the remaining 25.

At about 12pm we went out for lunch, I had lunch with me but we ended up in one of the campus places where you can’t eat your own food (majority choice) so I just had a coffee and ate my food quickly when we got back. After lunch I did a little more admin and then at 2pm I hit the lab, where I stayed for the next 3hours. I had 25 lung samples to mash (yes literally mash) and wash to recover the bacteria. This definitely isn’t a job that requires thinking but it does require time. It took me until about 4pm to mash them all, I then diluted and plated them all, cleaned up, dried the plates and finally stuck them all in the incubator so they could grow nice and fat overnight – giving me lots of bacteria to work with tomorrow.

After a last minute catch up with emails and a completed to do list for the day I left for the day at 5pm. I feel much better about what I achieved today (after a very slow day yesterday) so hopefully I’m now on track for a good week. Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading :).


2 thoughts on “Routine but productive – Tuesday 12th Jan

  1. One of the labs here has to do something similar with various foods- they use a machine called the “stomacher”- food goes in whole and comes out a bit like vomit, which they then plate onto various agars. Both fascinating and disgusting to watch!


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