Another Monday – 11th Jan 2016

Hmmm today was a weird one, I got work done but also felt like I wasted a lot of time. My time spent in the lab was productive but at the computer definitely wasn’t.

I arrived at 9:15am after a Monday morning swim and started the day using month old agarose to pour a gel. It was a gamble but I didn’t want to just chuck it away. I should’ve chucked it away. I ended up with the faintest bands possible on my gel so I had to make fresh agarose and start again, I should’ve just made it fresh from the start and saved myself some time and also some of my sample.

As about half the samples I ran failed, I needed to consider an alternative as I really need this to be a complete data set. So rather than extract the bacterial DNA directly from the samples (I know I said I’d used the last but I do have a backup that’s just a little more difficult to process) I diluted and plated them today and tomorrow I’ll harvest all the bacteria I get. The benefit of this is a big increase in my bacterial numbers, the downside is that the bacteria do get plated – there is an additional step between actual sample and result. I’m running several test sets (that have worked with the direct method) so I can compare the two and prove (hopefully) that plating doesn’t interfere. If it doesn’t it will make my life much, much easier, so cross your fingers for me 🙂 . This approach was what I initially wanted but the boss was very against it, today he suggested it – it’s amazing the ideas he’ll come round to eventually.

I worked until 5:30pm, and it was definitely a mixed bag of a day. I seemed to get all the things done that are keeping the boss happy (which is obviously a bonus) but I don’t feel like I was really very productive. If I get the results I’m hoping for tomorrow I think I’ll feel better about what I’ve done today, and on that cliffhanger, thank you for reading check back tomorrow to see how it goes.

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