Welcome to 2016

Monday – Annual leave 🙂 it was my birthday. Major lesson learnt – don’t use a spiralizer (Christmas present) after a birthday drink or three, it’s likely to lead to the loss of part of your fingers (I am living proof).

Tuesday – arghhhh first day back, between “happy new year” and “AHHHH you’re engaged” (!!) talk the entire day was pretty much a write off productivity wise. Some time after 3pm I managed to produce a few graphs but that’s about it. No lab work was done as I broke my own rule and didn’t leave myself a to do list before the Christmas break. I left work at 5pm and spent the evening taking down Christmas decorations (which included trying to wrestle the tree outside and then cleaning up the mess that made).

Wednesday – I planned for Wednesday to be more productive than Tuesday, that was my only goal and I achieved it 🙂 . I was at work from 8:30am-5pm. In that time I managed to get paper figures finished and met with the boss to discuss and plan what work was outstanding to get the paper ready. After deciding what was missing, we prioritised, and I used the rest of the afternoon to plan what needed to be done lab-wise before the end of the week. At 5pm I went off to Pilates before heading home.

First lab work of the year

Thursday – This morning I arrived at 8:45am after a coffee pit stop. I was a bit slow to get going (and was a little distracted by some wedding type things) but by 10:30am I was in the lab extracting DNA. I spent the morning doing the initial prep steps and then left my 32 samples (in two batches) doing their 1hr incubation at 12pm when I joined some friends for an early lunch. By 1pm I was back to the lab and finished with the extractions by about 3pm. Between 3-5pm I did some general lab pottering, re-stocking my bench and patting myself on the back for the freezer sort out I did before Christmas. I also got an offer of some additional demonstrating hours which I now need to decide if I have time to accept. I used the last 30mins of my day to set up an overnight PCR to test today’s DNA samples. At 5:30pm I was going to go to the gym but after a busy few evenings, and a big home to-do list, I decided I’d prefer to go home and get some of that done.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in my first working week of 2016. I hope you’ve had a slightly better start than I did, although zero judgement if you didn’t. Fingers crossed my first DNA extractions of the year have been successful (I’ve used the last of the samples so it’s a bit do or die for the experiment!), I’ll know tomorrow or Monday. Welcome to 2016 everyone, fingers crossed we all have a good year 🙂 , and as always thank you for reading.

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