2015 Round-Up

I wasn’t planning on writing an end of year post on DailyPhD but I was just doing a little Twitter scrolling and saw a few posts about memories of 2015 (I’m looking at you Dr Mike). It made me think a little about the year and it made me want to share :). So here it goes, from my cosy spot on the sofa, my 2015 round up.


Professionally, a lot of great stuff happened this year (and of course a lot of experiments also failed!). I started the 3rd year of my PhD, attended 2 international conferences, was a Young Microbiologist of the Year Finalist, taught several Brilliant Club courses (including maths!), supervised my first Masters student, went to my first event as an invited speaker, and of course started this blog. The response to my blog has been so wonderful and I hope to keep bringing you a realistic view of PhD life into 2016 and beyond.

At the SGM Annual conference in Birmingham
At the SGM Annual conference in Birmingham with my “interactive” poster, I’m now the girl with the interactive poster 🙂
I had the chance to be a speaker at a PhD Induction event earlier this year in York
Young Microbiologist of the Year Finals at Charles Darwin House, London.
With my poster at the festival of post graduate research
With my poster at the festival of post graduate research

Personally the year was pretty special as well. My boyfriend and I bought our first house (and it’s beautiful and I’m even more in love with it than when we first moved in). I’ve started a garden from scratch and realised this is the perfect metaphor for a PhD (long term, constantly evolving and can’t all be done at once, but that doesn’t mean you don’t see results as you go).  I’ve honed my DIY skills and we just hosted our first Christmas. Finally, to really finish the year in style we got engaged and surprised our families on Christmas day. I couldn’t imagine a better way to finish 2015. 

Our beautiful house
Garden under construction
Celebrating our engagement – now to decide which title I’ll get first, Dr or MrsOf course 2015 wasn’t perfect, but as I look back I’m proud of it and what I’ve achieved. I’ve done a lot of scary, new things but they were all worth it. 2016 will be the year of paper and thesis writing, as well as wedding planning, and I couldn’t be more excited to get it started. I don’t like new years resolutions, I don’t think you should wait until Jan 1st to change something in your life you don’t like, but I do have a new years aim – to try and make both wedding planning and thesis writing positive experiences not stressful ones.

Good luck for 2016 everyone and of course, as always, thank you so, so much for reading.


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