Winding down for Christmas

So you may or may not have guessed but I’m officially on annual leave :). My boyfriend and I both finished work on Friday, to give us a nice few days together before the Christmas madness kicks off.

I’m loving the downtime in our beautifully decorated house

I didn’t post on Thursday or Friday last week as the days were mostly filled with mandatory departmental events, however I’m very happy to report that my talk at the departmental seminar day (Thursday) went really well. I opened the show at 9:30am, and after that could relax and enjoy the rest of the day. I have to say in the afternoon the talks really moved outside my area (to plant biology) so I did struggle to be as interested as I should’ve been. I got lots of compliments directly (which could just be people being nice) but also indirectly through the boss (my thesis committee were very happy, which is the most important box to tick) and through friends in the lab. Overall I’m really happy with how I did, and it made me wonder what might have been if this talk had been in Sept and the Young Microbiologist of the Year now, but we can’t change the past so no need to dwell. Giving this talk means I have officially completed all the assessment requirements of my PhD except the actual thesis, which is a bit mind blowing. My take home message is that my ability to give talks (and feel more confident while doing it) is definitely on the up.

Over the Christmas break I won’t be entirely work free, but I’ll be doing fun, exciting side projects (and possibly working on my first paper manuscript). Most importantly I’m not going to stress myself about any of it.

I hope you all have a wonderful break over Christmas (or any other holiday you’re observing). I’m back to work on the 5th of Jan so until then everyone, Merry Christmas/Happy holidays and Happy New Year.

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