1 day, 28 graphs – Wed 16th Dec

So today’s post is coming to you a little earlier than normal, there was no Pilates but I’m still at work. I’ve already tried to leave work once today but on my way to the train station I realised the back pocket of my bag was open. Terrified my purse had fallen out I retraced my steps back to the lab, and didn’t find it. I’d had it out just before I left so I’d been hoping I’d left it on my desk – no such luck. The boss was convinced someone had stolen it 😦 . I started emptying everything out of my bag and FOUND IT at the bottom of the main pocket (not the bit that was open). I was so happy I don’t even mind that I have to stay at work for another 45mins until the next train.

Ok so crisis averted let’s talk about my day. I arrived at about 8:45am, after a coffee pitstop on the way in. We spent about 30mins chatting vivas and conferences in the office (a PhD student of the lab had his viva today so it was a hot topic) before I cracked on with the finishing touches to my presentation for tomorrow. Once that was done I fired them off to the boss for comments and then went and had a catch up with him as he’s been out of the office for the last two days. It’s surprising how many ideas (or sometimes how few) can happen in two days. After that I went to grab myself a mid-morning snack at about 11am.

After my snack, which also gave me a chance for a quick walk outside, I started doing some data digging. After my last idea bit the dust I’m on the hunt for a new answer and I’ve got a hypothesis brewing. Until lunch at 12pm I spent my time searching for and blasting various proteins against my bacteria’s genome to see if anything vaguely similar popped up. Mostly it didn’t but it’s still an option to explore.

From 12-12:45pm I had lunch, and at 1pm there was a lecture to go to. This was one of the graduate schools doctoral inaugural lecture series where two of the best PhD graduate’s of the college from the last year present their work and receive a certificate. Attendance isn’t mandatory but one of the presenters was from the genetics department so we went along :).

I was back by 2pm and carried on with my online digging, and by 3:30pm (after a quick congrats you passed your viva celebration in our tearoom) I’d decided it was really time to get on with the figures I’m meant to be sorting out for the paper the boss would like to publish (“sometime soon please”). Between ~3:30-6pm I produced 28 different graphs (and also made the bosses suggested edits to my slides for tomorrow). Obviously all of these graphs won’t make it into the paper, but we need to look at all the data together to decide what tells the most logical story (it also gets them into *ready for the thesis* state). I’m not finished yet, there are still plenty more to do, but I’m crossing my fingers I can get them all done before the Christmas break.

At 6pm I tried to go home, cue purse saga, and so here I am, still at my desk but planning to go home soon and watch the apprentice. Tonight’s my favourite episode – the interviews :). Tomorrow is seminar day so wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes.



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