A day of running around – Tuesday 15th Dec

What an irritating day! I arrived at 8:30am and didn’t have to be there long to realise I’d made a mistake. Tuesday is lab meeting day, and I was in charge of refreshments, except I forgot to stop at the shop on my way in. At 9am I went and set some toothpicks (for picking bacteria) on to autoclave before making a run for the bakery down the road. I grabbed a lovely selection of treats and was back at the lab by 9:40am. 

At 10am it was lab meeting time and the cakes went down well :). After that I spent about an hour in the lab setting up a plate of 48 samples to take to the hospital for identification on their amazing machine. This was my first time setting it up alone and only my second time full stop. It didn’t go well. Despite all my efforts to be really careful with the controls once I added the matrix that sits on top they started to merge. Not ideal but I left the plate to dry away while I went for lunch.

After a 45min lunch, I grabbed my plate and took it over to the hospital. I was back at the lab just after 2pm, and dedicated the rest of my day to data analysis and finishing my third year talk (which is happening on Thursday). By 5:30pm, when I left for the gym, I’d dealt with all the data I needed for the presentation and very nearly finished the slides. In that time I also got an email from the hospital saying my samples had all failed as the controls had failed. This means re-plating all 48 and setting up a new plate. I found out too late in the day to deal with it (and we’re short on the supplements we need to make plates anyway), so the repeats will have to get pushed back a few days. I think I’ll set up my samples and add the controls in their lab so I can see where I’m going wrong. Overall a very frustrating day.

Redeemed my day slightly with some free stuff from CamBio – PhD students LOVE free stationary. FACT.

Tuesday done, see you tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading :).


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