Last week of the year – Mon 14th Dec

Well last week kind of got away from me. Wednesday was our lab Christmas meal so that meant a slightly earlier finish (4pm) and no Pilates. Thursday I had a day of annual leave booked to get some Christmassy things done, and Friday was our departmental Christmas party, complete with food, wine and pictionary. We also had our departmental photo just before the party at 1pm, so all work stopped then. The sum of last week is that there were lots of lovely, fun things going on 🙂 but it did mean I didn’t get a lot done. The one thing I did get was the results from the experiment I was really excited about, and unfortunately it didn’t give me the answer I would’ve loved. Oh well, we science on.

Doing his bit – the head of department cleaning up post Christmas party.

Today was an odd one, I arrived just after 9am, I had to leave home later than normal as my oven decided to die over the weekend. We have a double oven and one is still working so it’s not the end of the world, but with Christmas coming I definitely need it fixed! Anyway I stayed home a little later so I could ring the oven man (in case he was able to come this morning). The earliest he could get here was at 3:30pm, so I went off to work for 9am knowing I would be coming home early this afternoon.

Because of the oven drama I had to be efficient with my lab work. This morning I prepped a batch of media and tomorrow I’ll be going over to the microbiology labs at our local hospital to run my samples on the identification platform they have called a Maldi-Tof machine. My job today was to make the media for, and then plate out 48 samples, so that tomorrow I can load them onto a slide and take them over to be Maldi-Toffed. This morning I also had to go and collect all things I’ll need to set up the slides, so that was what I did this morning at about 11:30am. 

I got back from the hospital at about 12:15pm and did a bit of admin until lunch. Tomorrow is our final lab meeting of the year, and in Jan. the current schedule runs out so I spent 30mins trying to put together a fair and even rota that will keep everyone happy. I’m fully expecting it to be bounced back to me several times before it’s finalised.

At 12:45pm I went for a quick 20min lunch, and after that it was lab work until 2:30pm. I then spent the last 25mins of the day digging out some data for one of the post-docs.

So I was home by 3:30pm and the oven man had been and gone by 3:40pm. The diagnosis wasn’t great so I then spent the next 40mins on the phone with the manufacturer, and with it still being under-warranty they’re sending someone to deal with it (before Christmas!). So with that dealt with I got on with looking at a paper the boss sent me yesterday. He loves training me to be a mini-academic and will quite often ask me for my opinion on things he’s reviewing. I find it difficult but I am getting a little better.

At 6:30pm I stopped reviewing and finished my work day. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a more normal day, until then everyone, thanks for reading.


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