Christmas wreath making – Tues 8th Dec

I arrived at about 8:30am and after logging onto my computer I was straight into the lab – partly because I had stuff to get on with and partly because one of the undergrads was hanging around waiting to the allowed in. They aren’t officially allowed in the lab without what we’ll call a responsible person. You don’t have to directly supervisor them, just be there in case anything goes wrong. So I got on with setting up my two sequencing plates while he go on with his work.

I worked away in the lab until 9:30am when I met with the boss and my undergrad to discuss his write up. That took us up until journal club at 10am, which had a little twist today. After some members of the lab went to a conference last month they presented some of the most interesting talks to us as a summary. It made for a nice, interesting change, and also meant we finished a little early at about 10:40am. Using our *bonus* 20mins some of us went off for a quick coffee :). After that I was back to the lab and worked away for the next hour until a 12pm seminar.

After the seminar I had a quick lunch until 1:20pm, and then it was back to the lab. I set up a gel to run and then fired off some admin emails. Once my gel was up and running it was time for a little Christmas fun. The Students Union is currently running a 12 days of Christmas event with different things everyday. Today was wreath making! I managed to drag someone with me (so I didn’t look like the weirdo post-grad on my own) and he had a good time as well (as was much better than I was) so I didn’t feel too bad about it. There were professionals there to show us what to do and all materials were supplied which was amazing. I was attacked a little by the holly I used in my wreath but it was 100% worth it and 45mins very well spent.

Handmade by me – It’s a little wild looking but I’m proud 🙂 I’m planning on taking the bow off and replacing it with another pinecone though.

At 4pm I had a paper planning meeting with the boss and one of the post-docs – my to do list just started looking a lot less finished. That lasted until ~4:45pm. I then spent the final 45mins of my day analysing one of the sets of sequencing data I sent off this morning (out of 87 samples I have 8 of what I want, which is about right based on the numbers, so I’m very happy).

At 5:30pm I left to go to the gym, and after that got the train home, wreath in hand (which definitely got me some funny looks). That’s all for today, and tomorrow there won’t be a post – It’s our lab’s Christmas dinner out :), so until Thursday everyone, thanks for reading.

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