Just a quick Friday post :)- Fri 4th Dec

Happy Friday everyone! Today I arrived at the lab at 8:45am, after a brief detour for coffee. I spent most of the morning in the lab, setting up PCRs, running gels and stocking cells.

Once all that was done I crossed some admin off my to do list – placing some orders and setting a time for a meeting on Monday (Monday is already looking like a very, very busy day). All of that took me until lunch time (12:45-1:30pm), which was not only spent out of the office, but out of the building, in one of the campus cafes.

For Friday afternoon I had a slightly more intellectual job. I’m in the process of setting up what’s known as a fishing experiment. I’ve never done this before but we have all the various bits and pieces I need in the lab so I think it’s definitely worth a go. What I plan to do doesn’t quite fit with the kits and reagents we have in the lab, so I spent the afternoon working out how best to tweak and what conditions to try. What I’ve concluded is that I need lots of bacteria and lots of DNA. On Monday I’ll prep all the solutions I need and sometime next week I’ll give it all a go.

I left the lab today at 5pm and went to the gym (hoping it would be quiet on a Friday evening but that was just wishful thinking).

Finally I want share with you a recording from the thesis forum where I recently spoke. If you’d like to put a voice to my face you’ll find me at the 20min mark (apologies for my occasional technological blunders!). My brief was to discuss the probation (first year) review, so while some of it is Leicester specific, I hope most of my advice is generally useful for anyone going through their first year assessments. Let me know in the comments if you find it helpful.

Have a great weekend everyone, until Monday, thanks for reading.


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