I’m a terrible daily blogger – Thurs 3rd Dec

I know, I know, no post Tuesday, no post Wednesday, let’s get back on track.

Tuesday – I had every intention of writing a post of Tuesday evening, but I got distracted working on some homemade Christmas presents. The day was a mix of lab work and organising, I cleared out my -20 freezer drawer, discarded some things and just had a general tidy up. I arrived at 8:30am and went home at 5:30pm. 

My freezer drawer has never looked so good. 

Wednesday – Last night we went out for dinner and a film so you were never getting a post 😛 . Again the day was lab work and organising. I did some organising of my -80 freezer today, I re-housed a lot of stored bacterial samples into 96 well plates, which means I can store about 3x as many in the same amount of freezer space.

On top of this we have a lot of new people starting or about to start so we need to make more office space. Part of this involves some rearranging to clear an additional desk spot, and once you start it’s easy to want to clear it all! We got rid of some very out of date catalogues (can you spot the one from 1999?) and we had a good laugh at what is possibly the oldest laptop in the entire university. We gathered up all the randomly spread lab books of people who’ve long since left and moved them all into a single area. Just like yesterday I arrived at 8:30am, but I left a little earlier at 5pm for Pilates.

Thursday – Ok onto today. I arrived a little later at 9am, and was very happy to find my mutant I made earlier in the week was indeed resistance to the right antibiotic and is real :). I grabbed a new strain number from the boss and went about making stocks. This morning was a solid morning of lab work until about 12pm. After that and before lunch at 12:45pm I put together some slides ready for our team meeting this afternoon (the boss is away giving a talk tomorrow). We had our meeting ~1:30-5pm, and then my final job of the day was to set up an overnight PCR before heading home at 5:30pm. 

So that’s a quick run down of the last few days. A moderate amount of lab work, and ALOT of organising. Some would say I was procrastinating, I’m saying it all needed to be done 😛 . Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.

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