Success! – Friday 27th Nov

I had an early start today, I had to get up an hour earlier than normal so I could drop my boyfriend to work. Today is his work Christmas do so he didn’t want to have the car with him later. I dropped him to work for 7:30am and then dropped the car home and caught my usual train into Leicester.

I floundered a little at first and didn’t really get started with anything until about 9:30am, but when I did get started it was a successful day. I was in the lab on and off from 9:30am-3pm, with a half hour break for lunch around 1pm, and two seminars to attend between 10-11am, and 12-1pm. In that time I finished making a mutant construct – it’s not beautifully clean (there are a few non-specific bands) but you see the biggest band in that gel picture – he’s the exact one I was after 🙂 . On Monday next week that little guy will be making himself at home in the genome of S. pneumoniae and I’ll hopefully have a nice shiny new mutant. This experiment is important to me because 1. it will hopefully form the basis of my third thesis chapter and 2. this is my first truly independent idea from start to eventual finish.

The biggest band (at the top) is the right one and the set up I used in lane number 3 was the most successful.
On those plates are lots of happy bacteria that now have a new home in the 96 well plate in front. This is a great way to store lots of individual samples in a very small space.

After lunch I re-homed the bacteria in the second picture and then set up a PCR from them so I can assign each one to a specific condition. Only about 7% of the population will be what I’m after so most of these guys won’t ever get used. Once I’d set up the PCR I stored the plate in the -80 freezer.

Between 3-4:15pm I did some ordering of lab supplies and showed my undergrad the best way to analysis his data. I was very careful not to do it for him as it’s important he learns how to do this.

As the boss is away we didn’t have our weekly meeting this afternoon so I did something that’s unheard of – I left before 5pm on a Friday! That’s right you heard me, I left the lab at 4:15pm today. I’d finished all my planned lab and admin work, my inbox is still at zero, my orders were done, my PCRs were stored in the freezer and my lab work for next week is planned. Overall a really positive way to end the week 🙂 .

So that’s it for this week, I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, until Monday everyone, thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Success! – Friday 27th Nov

  1. Finally had some PCR success myself on Friday morning after weeks of trying! So nice when it works! Good luck with the mutant!


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