Unwanted bands – Thurs 26th Nov

I planned to tell you about yesterday and today but if I’m completely honest I’ve forgotten what I did yesterday, it’s so ridiculous but I have.

So onto today. I arrived this morning at 8:30am and was straight in the lab. I poured a gel and then ran out the PCR I set up yesterday. This was a tweaked version of one that didn’t work earlier in the day. I had a lot of unspecific bands, so I ramped up the temperature to try and get rid of them. The result was even more unspecific bands (doesn’t quite make sense but anyway), so I went back to the original PCR, ran everything that was left out on another gel, and then extracted the right band from each of the PCRs.

Yesterday I had beautiful, perfect bands (the gap is a blank control) – each one was exactly the right size 🙂
Once I tried to stick my PCRs together I ended up with a lot of other bands. I cut out the right one (which was the biggest one) by putting my gel on a UV box

The morning was spent mostly doing lab work, sometime mid-morning the boss and I took a wonder to grab a coffee and see some of the people from one of the sequencing services within the university. I have a new little project just beginning and I’ll be doing my first protein work. Meeting with people face to face (rather than just over email), even if it’s just in the cafe, is generally helpful so this was time well spent.

About 1pm I went into the lab to set up another gel just before going for my lunch. Unfortunately that plan went out the window when I realised my undergrad had managed to get blood (horse blood for the media, don’t worry I’m not that mean) inside one of his pipettes. This meant I spent the next 20mins taking apart, cleaning out and then re-calibrating it.

I felt like I was back at my old job today as re-calibrating the pipettes on a regular schedule was one of my designated jobs.

I came back from lunch about 2pm, and poured some plates ready to restreak 100 single bacterial colonies. This is for a joint experiment with on of the post-docs, I need several different bacterial stocks that have all recently come from the same background but are all unique. Pouring the plates and re-streaking the bugs took me a while, leaving me with just a little time at the end of the day to do some admin and place some orders. I left at 5pm, a very respectable time 🙂 .

Overall a productive day, no results to show but hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a construct ready to make a new mutant. Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.


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