Do you ever get an intense need to organise? Tues 24th Nov

Yesterday I arrived at the lab at 9:15am (after my Monday morning swim) and my day went like this:

Undergraduate marking

Undergraduate marking


Undergraduate marking

Leave for home at 5pm, have some dinner, followed by, you guessed it …

… more undergraduate marking. I wrapped everything up about 10pm, when all my marks were submitted and entered into the online system. A dull day but I’m really happy I got this off my to do list, normally I don’t spend lab time marking but the deadline is next Monday and I have weekend plans.

On to today. I arrived at  9:30am after a morning gym session, and checked my email etc. before realising there was journal club at 10am. Not really much time to get anything done, luckily journal club was really brief (finishing at 10:20am) so I regained the time a little later on.

This morning I set up a PCR, it failed, so this afternoon I set it up again with tweaks (for anyone who doesn’t know this is basically the essence of all lab work). In between this minimal lab work I organised, A LOT. Today I successfully achieved Inbox Zero 🙂 🙂 🙂 . Yesterday’s marking was a big one to get done, but today I managed to cross off a lot of other little admin bits and bobs as well.

Inbox Zero – this makes me way happier than it should.

This afternoon I decided I was on a role and organised all my papers, literally all of them. I use Mendeley (as I love the drag and drop function) but my University doesn’t officially support it. This means I can’t install the desktop version on my work computer, which makes keeping my reference library up to date more difficult than it should be. I tend to be quite good at labeling my papers as I save them but I lack consistency e.g. somethings are saved as Smith 2014 and others as 2014 Jones. I decided step 1 was to standardise my pdfs, as it would make updating my Mendeley library much easier. I removed any duplicates (I had one paper 6 times! Clearly I thought this one was important) and then started checking what was and wasn’t in my Mendeley library (using the online version). This pretty much took me all afternoon (~200 papers to sort), although I did spend 5-5:30pm doing a little lab work, before heading home.

Tomorrow (if my second PCR attempt has worked) I’ll hopefully get a little more lab work done. While I might’ve procrastinated from bench work today I do think it was time well spent, now I have a system in place it’ll hopefully be much easier to maintain.

Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.


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