Monday maths – Monday 16th Nov

I arrived this morning at 8:45am, earlier than usual for a Monday, as swimming is still off the table with my dodgy ear. I spent a few minutes adjusting to the fact it was Monday after a lovely weekend relaxing, watching films and making bread.

Buttermilk pancakes #weekendbaking
Wholemeal loaf #weekendbaking

Today I had a computer morning as I had a list of things that couldn’t wait any longer. Tomorrow I’ll be presenting at the first thesis forum of the year. This is an event put on by the Leicester learning institute and the Library and covers lots of different topics relevant to post-grads. Tomorrow’s topic is “passing the probation review” (1st year assessments) and I was contacted a little while ago and asked if I knew anyone who’d recently passed probation who might like to talk. My searches for someone weren’t very successful, which is how I ended up volunteering despite my own probation review being a distant memory.

My slides needed to be finished today so that was my first job. I spent about 1.5hours putting them together in my preferred format (more pictures, less words). I double-checked how long I should speak for (15mins) and adjusted my slides so they’d fit the allocated time, before sending them off ready for tomorrow afternoon.

While I was doing that I also dealt with some admin. I re-arranged a meeting that clashes with the thesis forum, and I also saved the day for the boss :). Yesterday we all got a pleading email asking about a specific paper he wasn’t able to find anymore (along with a vague description). Worryingly we’re thinking far to alike these days as I knew exactly which paper he wanted, except it wasn’t a paper (well it wasn’t just a paper) it was a poster, at the conference we went to in Italy this summer. We found it in the abstract book along with the paper reference – as I said saved. the. day. What would he do without me :).

After getting those jobs done I moved onto putting some of my newly generated data through my model. This afternoon we had a modeler visit to discuss our work and potential collaborations, so I needed to put some slides together to describe my work. I worked on my data and slides until lunch at 12:30pm. I went out with a friend and came back about 1:20pm, just leaving enough time to finish my slides before the meeting at 2pm. While we were having lunch Ana shared the following words of wisdom…

The very wise words of Ms Ana Manso (and her lab mates). Although I do have to point out they have nothing but love for Murs 🙂 

2-5pm I was in the meeting. I was braced for the usual hurdles to overcome when talking biology with a non-biologist, but I take it all back, he’s clearly a biological mathematician. It made the meeting hugely productive and while the collaboration doesn’t specifically apply to my project it was really good to be involved as I learnt a lot. After the meeting I stayed chatting to the boss until about 5:15pm before leaving at 5:30pm to catch the train home.

So that’s Monday for you, I achieved nothing in the lab but that was planned so it’s ok. Tomorrow’s looking quite varied so don’t forget to check back tomorrow, and thanks for reading :).


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