Positive & Productive – Wed 11th Nov 

I arrived at the lab at 8:30am and didn’t log in to my computer. I decided to hit the lab straight away as that tends to be my most productive way of working. I set up, incubated and plated my transformations, before finally sitting down at my computer at 10am. This was good, I had several lab jobs ticked off my to do list and it was still nice and early.

I did proscrastinate a little for the next 30mins (further proof that logging in to my computer slows me down), checking emails and reading the news. Followed by a little wonder out to grab a diet coke from the SU. When I got back I carried on with some sequence alignments I started, but didn’t manage to finish, yesterday. Yesterday I gave it several goes and it didn’t quite come together, but it must’ve been ticking away in the back of my brain overnight because today I knew exactly what I needed to do. And my alignments look beautiful and are exactly what I wanted 🙂 . At about 11:30am I went back to the lab for the final part of my transformation plating. I finished that off and my new mutants (fingers crossed) were happily incubating by the time I went for lunch at 12pm. I’ve discovered that an early lunch also helps with my productivity. I generally become less productive after about 11:45am until I’ve had a break so taking an earlier lunch makes sense for me.

All my mutants - ready for the incubator before lunch :)
All my mutants – ready for the incubator before lunch 🙂
If you look closely you can see the different agar layers #labinsights
If you look closely you can see the different agar layers #labinsights

When I came back just after 12:30pm I went and set up that last of my planned lab work for the day. Several different PCRs to make even more mutants (I know EVEN MORE MUTANTS!). After those were up and running I was then able to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon on analysing two different data sets that arrived yesterday. Overall I collated a lot of data and sent summaries to the boss before leaving at 5pm for Pilates.

By the time I came back to the lab at 6:30pm I had 3 email replies to all the different data sets I’d sent, I answered his questions and shared some new hypotheses and the experiments I’m planning to test them. That took me until 7pm and home time 🙂 .

So that was my day, in case you’re wondering I didn’t abandon my undergrad, I just left him with a time consuming, but very simple task to do all day (making frozen stocks from 120 colonies he streaked onto plates yesterday). This kept him busy and freed up my time as well 🙂 . Until tomorrow everyone, thanks for reading.


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